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Empowering students to confidently navigate the
college admissions process using curiosity and
creativity with Ivy-League experts.

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Who are we?

Our mission is to transform the college application process by forefronting our students’ unique experiences while supporting them through the use of mentorship, design thinking and storytelling.

Our vision At Inspira, we believe all students should feel confident navigating the college admissions process and that there should be no barriers to student success. With our 3:1 paid-to-pro bono student model, Inspira aims to expand access to education for all. 

Meet your advisors

Shu Yi

University at Albany | Yale University | Harvard University


UC Santa Cruz | Yale University | Harvard University


Yale University | Stanford University

Why Inspira?

We understand. Finding the right college application advisor is like treading through murky waters. That’s why our curriculum is based on extensive research and scholarship, and centering student voices.

We’re different. At Inspira we break the college advising tradition by using student development theory to support our students to create memorable applications.

We’re experienced. Our advising team is Ivy League-educated, has served on admissions committees at highly selective institutions, and has extensive experience supporting students from various backgrounds in their college application journey. We know the process.

“Shu Yi answered all of my questions, helped me set up a plan of action, and kept me encouraged throughout this arduous process. Throughout each week, I felt more confident about my college applications and it paid off when I received a full ride to Cornell!”

-Jason H., Cornell University ‘26

Our Approach

Inspira’s college application prep program has been constructed with the student at the focal point. Conversations are guided by theory from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a success-backed curriculum tailored to students’ individual needs.

We encourage our students to approach the college application process through the lens of curiosity and creativity in mind. Our Ivy League-educated advisors will be their fearless guides.

“In my earliest sessions with Xavi, I learned an incredible amount about the college admissions process. In a respectful, easy-to-understand manner, he taught me how to approach letters of recommendation, build a list of schools, properly research specific programs, and most importantly to craft my personal narrative. Xavi’s feedback became the foundation upon which I built my application. As we met weekly, I became more and more comfortable with both my narrative and the college application process.

-Zach P., Princeton University ‘27

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